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Principal Message

"Excellence is not an act but a habit."

Education is a threefold process of developing heart, mind and soul. An educational system meant to frame the mind and shape the heart. An educator is said to be an inspirer and role model. I am indeed happy to be the part of this noble task of nurturing human mind and energizing human heart with positive facts and concepts. We are basically concerned in developing in our student’s deeper sense of God consciousness, building strong character along with the task of revealing the realities of life ahead. Every educationist is called to set an example for his/her pupil, where the student is able to remember gratefully the contribution made by the teacher. In today’s context where the students are carried away by the whims and fantasies of modern world- Internet and technology, it is difficult to provide value based education.

Yet we need to strive hard to set before our students the values which will make him/her a perfect man or woman. The aim of education goes far beyond instruction in language, mathematics, history, science, etc; education aims at building up excellent character in the students and shaping them as worthy citizens who live a well-balanced, disciplined and principled life. As they are our hope and will play a defining role in the future of our nation, it is important that they cultivate noble aims and worthy goals in life. Schools therefore have the sacred duty of teaching pupils many precious lessons of life.

This website will provide information about us and the activities that go on in the school campus. I sincerely thank those who designed, developed and will continue to update from time to time.

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