Fees Structure

a) School fees is payable directly to the bank* in four quarterly installments payable in April, July, October and January. The last date of payment by cash is 10th of these months.

b) All cheques should be cleared on or before 10th of the respective month. The net amount credited in the school account should be the fees amount and bank charges, if any, are to be paid by the parents. If the cheque is dishonoured, a fine of Rs. 200/- will be charged in addition to the bank charges.

c) If the fees is not credited in the school account on 10th of the respective month, a fine of Rs. 250/- will be levied till the last working day of the month. The child will not be permitted in the school from the Ist of the next month and a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be levied in addition to the late fees. No excuse of fine if 10th falls to be a Sunday or a bank holiday.

d) Safe custody of the Fee Book is the parents' responsibility and the replacement of fees book will cost Rs. 100/- (One Hundred only).


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